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Battle Pass & Warchest

BattlePass offers a comprehensive three-month season filled with incredible rewards. The key to unlocking these rewards lies in earning Battle Pass XP, which, in turn, propels you through levels, each accompanied by its own set of enticing rewards.
To accumulate Battle Pass XP, you'll need to engage in three distinct activities:
  1. 1.
    Complete Daily Quests: Each day, you'll receive access to three randomly generated daily quests. By successfully completing these tasks, you'll earn valuable XP.
  2. 2.
    Win Prediction Streaks: Put your foresight to the test by predicting your victories and aiming for win prediction streaks. Successful predictions not only bolster your in-game performance but also contribute to your XP.
  3. 3.
    Skali Skull Collection: Throughout the map, Skali skulls are hidden at random locations. Collecting these skulls not only adds an exciting treasure hunt element but also rewards you with XP.
Additionally, BattlePass unlocks a range of engaging features, including the Win Prediction system and the ability to Applaud other players for their remarkable feats.
The current season, "Rise of Jotnars", spans three exciting months, offering ample time to earn XP and claim your coveted rewards. Remember, opening the warchest grants you a chance to receive a random item, adding an element of surprise to your BattlePass journey.
War Chests serve as the cornerstone of the Battle Pass system, providing the primary means of acquiring exciting rewards. You can also get them randomly after winning matches. Each War Chest contains carefully chosen items, each with its own chance of dropping. This design ensures fair and exciting rewards when you open a War Chest, adding an element of surprise and excitement to your Battle Pass journey.