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Game Economy

In Meta Lordz, we've crafted a robust game economy designed to enhance your gaming experience. The USDT token serves as the base currency for all in-game transactions and interactions.

The Role of USDT Tokens:

  • Warrior Ownership: You can use USDT tokens to acquire your very own warriors
  • Customization: Personalize your warriors with a wide range of skins and cosmetics, each with its own unique rarity.
  • Battle Pass: Unlock exclusive content, quests and challenges.
  • Stat Etching: Grow and personalize your warriors and items with gems, purchased using USDT tokens, to etch your statistics and make your mark in the game.

Secondary Transactions: Peer-to-Peer Interaction:

USDT tokens also form the foundation for secondary transactions, allowing you to engage in peer-to-peer exchanges within the game's ecosystem. This flexibility enables a vibrant marketplace where you can trade and interact with other players directly.

The Future of Our Native Token:

It's important to note that the base currency (USDT token), currently native to the Polygon & Aurora blockchains during our Alpha phase, may change in the future. We are actively exploring the possibility of introducing our very own native token to further enrich your gaming experience and align with our vision for the Meta Lordz ecosystem.