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Mercenaries - Flagship Game Mode (Upcoming Release)

Meta Lordz’ upcoming flagship game mode has a unique twist to the typical battle experience. As you and your team venture into the map, you will come across formidable demons as well as an opposing team. This makes it a true PvPvE (Player vs. Player vs. Environment) showdown.
The game starts with intense battles against tough demons guarding important Drasil Saplings. But things get even more exciting when you defeat the main demon. It drops its severed head, which your team must then grab and safely carry back to your base.
This mix of fighting tough demons, battling other players, and capturing the severed head adds an exciting layer of strategy and action to Meta Lordz. It's all about teamwork and skill as you strive for victory in this thrilling game mode.
Coming later in Q4! Stay tuned.