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Getting Started

Meta Lordz offers a free-to-play gaming experience, accessible through a simple download from The PC version is available today, with Mac and mobile versions set to launch in 2024!
Upon launching the app, players will encounter three convenient options to commence their adventure:
  • Login with Google Account: Streamline your access by signing in with your Google account.
  • Login with Wallet: Use your MetaMask wallet to access the game.
  • Login with Email: Opt for the traditional method by registering with your email address.
As you start the game, head over to the Warriors tab to explore the available warriors. Own the warriors to customise them to your liking. When you're ready, just hit the "Find Match" button to dive into the exciting battles of Meta Lordz.
Be sure not to miss the Battle Pass, as it provides numerous quests and exclusive rewards to elevate your gaming experience!