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The World of Glasmire

In ancient lore, whispers persist of Drasil Saplings as the wellspring of our world's magic. These mystic miniature trees draw great power and mighty forces near, believed to be born from celestial lights resembling falling meteors.
Our tale unfolds in Glasmire, a world teeming with humans, monsters, demons, demi-gods, and gods. The formidable House Valthur governs the mightiest human faction, enlisting elite mercenaries to secure control of the Drasil Saplings from malevolent threats.
At the heart of the conflict stands Skali, once a human mage-warrior, now corrupted by the saplings' magic. She commands an unholy army, defying the Royal Family's benevolent magic-sharing doctrine. Skali's quest for absolute power is our greatest peril.
Your initial challenge: confront the Jotnars, giant demons resurrected by Skali guarding the Drasil Saplings in the dark forests. As a Royal Family-hired mercenary, your mission is clear – vanquish these demonic sentinels, bring back their heads as proof and protect our world's future.