🀺Combat Mechanics

Skill-Based Gameplay

In Meta Lordz, combat is purely skill-based. Players cannot gain advantages through in-game purchases; instead, purchases are limited to customizing their chosen warrior's appearance and style.

Intuitive Point-and-Click Controls

Our game features user-friendly controls. Players move their warriors by left-clicking and execute basic attacks with a right-click. This simplicity ensures accessibility for all players.

Level Playing Field

Each match begins with all warriors at level 1, creating a completely level and competitive playing field for all participants.

In-Match Warrior Progression

Warriors can level up to a maximum of 20, becoming progressively stronger with each level. Players can gain experience by defeating enemy warriors or by assisting their team in taking down opponents.

In-Match Ability Enhancement

At each level gained, players earn an ability point to invest in their warrior's abilities. Warriors have access to a total of 5 active abilities, divided into two categories:

Normal Abilities

  • First Ability (Nuke): A spammable nuke, allowing warriors to deal damage quickly.

  • Second Ability (Mobility): A mobility spell that provides strategic movement options.

  • Third Ability (Utility): A utility spell tailored to each warrior's unique characteristics.

Rage Abilities

  • Fourth Ability (Special): A special ability that requires rage to use, akin to an ultimate charge.

  • Fifth Ability (Ultimate): The ultimate ability, requiring three times the amount of rage compared to the fourth ability.

Rage Mechanic

Rage is accumulated by dealing damage to enemies and securing kills. This resource is essential for unlocking the most powerful abilities in a warrior's arsenal, emphasizing the importance of tactical combat and teamwork.

In-Match Potions

Potions are consumable items that provide distinct advantages when used, enriching gameplay dynamics and strategy. In Deathmatch mode, all players receive potions at set intervals for a fair and engaging experience. In Mercenaries mode, players can acquire potions by defeating enemy demons and monsters, rewarding combat skill and encouraging engagement with adversaries.

Account Rating System

  • We have implemented an industry-standard rating system designed to enhance the competitive experience for players.

  • This system allows players to undergo calibration, resulting in their placement within one of five prestigious leagues.

  • It helps players gauge their progress but also fosters a sense of achievement and competitiveness, making our game an exciting and dynamic experience for all who enter the arena.

    1. Unranked League

    2. Bronze League

    3. Silver League

    4. Gold League

    5. Platinum League

    6. Diamond League

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